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This course will guide educators to learn strategies & techniques to adapt their teaching of required standards to meet the needs of their most academically capable students and all students in their classroom.  Along with other strategies, the information will follow the text Teaching Gifted Kids in Today‚Äôs Classroom by Susan Winebrenner.  

Participants will learn how to implement successful differentiation for all students, but especially high ability/high potential students using these methods:

compacting, learning contracts, extension menus, flexible grouping, subject acceleration and integration of technology.

This course would benefit all teachers at all levels, since gifted students, identified or not, will be in their classes each year.  The course will allow participants to take a closer look at what is underachievement, causes of underachievement, sources of underachievement, learning preferences and their connection to underachievement, boredom, how teachers and families can help, practical classroom applications, and the profiles of different types of underachieving students.The goal is to do away with myths and stereotypes of the underachieving gifted child and at the same time have teachers become advocates for gifted students in different educational settings.