This course is intended for classroom teachers who are either brand-new to teaching, switched positions, and/or teachers struggling with classroom organization/management. In particular, the focus is on the role of the teacher in the classroom, how to build a classroom that is centered around positive expectations, integration of effective classroom-management strategies, and research-based lesson mastery tools.  Major course objectives are to help class participants become more confident identifying and implementing effective classroom procedures that support a positive classroom environment and student-achievement. Participants will explore various research, strategies, and examples as they build their own “platform” for their first days of school. 

This course is based on the extensive research, work and writings of Harry K. Wong and Mike Schmoker.  The course is based upon techniques and strategies that have a direct correlation with the elements of an The Effective Teacher. These techniques and strategies have been adapted by thousands of educators for success in their schools and classrooms.  Students will analyze, interpret, and apply these low-cost and research-based skills to their personal classroom management plan. 

Upon completion of the course: 

  1. Students will understand what traits define an effective teacher?

  2. Students will research and understand how positive expectations, invitational education, and professionalism create a very powerful and effective teacher?

  3. Students will have analyzed and interpreted how planning and preparation guide student learning.

  4. Students will have assessed their planning and preparation skills alongside student-learning within their classroom. 

  5. Students will be able to identify and apply the difference between classroom management and discipline within their classroom management plans.

  6. Students will have researched and understand that when lesson objectives are clear, and instruction and assessment are aligned to objectives, the greater the chances are that students will succeed.

  7.  Students will understand and apply what needs to be included within every lesson in order for student academic achievement to be gained.

  8. Students will have researched and reflected upon what factors constitute effective instruction and why these factors are so effective?

  9. Students will have created their own personalized classroom-management plan that includes elements of everything they have learned and reflected upon.  Their plan will include guidelines and procedures for the physical design of their classroom, classroom procedures/expectations, instruction, parent/guardian contact, and assessment.

  10. Students will have established reflective practices that are critical to continued growth.