his course is designed for educators needing an introduction to or wishing to expand their existing knowledge of Montana’s Indian Education for All Law (Montana Code Annotated 20-1-501 1999) and the Seven Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians. Educators of all grades and content areas will build background knowledge and develop lesson plans that focus on and dig deeper into each Essential Understanding. These lessons are intended to be used in participants’ classrooms. The primary texts are:

  • Keeping Promises: What is Sovereignty

  • Phi Delta Kappan: The Professional Journal for Education, November 2006 (read entire issue) (Erin can download the PDF versions)

  • Who will Tell my Brother? by Marlene Carvel

  • Do all Indians Live in Tipis (pick and choose questions and scan into PDFs)

  • Lies my Teachers Told Me by James W. Loewen

  • Assorted articles and internet sources provided by the instructor

Through readings, discussion forums and examination of high-quality teaching materials, participants will explore a variety of literature, articles and professional teaching materials and develop one lesson plan each week of the course and a final project (two for graduate credit) for the immediate integration of IEFA into their classrooms.