Course description: This course explores how mentor texts can be used to jump-start analytical

writing: writing arguments, writing to inform, and writing to explain (Common Core Anchor

Standards 1 through 3.) Starting with simple assignments and then growing these to more

complex writing activities, participants will problem solve, using creative and critical thinking to

develop a set of strategies that target the improvement of their students’ written communication.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to

1. Describe the elements of effective written communication.

2. Locate mentor texts that match to aspects of effective writing (namely, word choice,

organization, and sentence structure)

3. Identify various formats of writing (such as writing a speech, dialogue, and editorial) that

match to the three purpose of analytic writing: making an argument, writing to inform, and

writing to explain.

4. Examine grade-level writing standards and design appropriate analytical writing assignments.

5. Create rubrics and/or checklists that correspond to grade-level analytical writing assignments.